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Foot injuries are among the worst of pains — For your feet and for your bottom-line

But most foot-related Worker's Compensation and productivity-loss is preventable. Tailor-Made Work Boots will save you the pain next time!

As a physical labour company, it's in your best interests to provide quality protective footwear for your workers. It may only be a small investment, but it may save you, your worker or your company a world of pain in the future.

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But Our Feet Are Already Safe? Aren't They?

The Lowdown On Foot Safety

You don't see many labourers and tradesmen wearing sneakers to work. But then how come 75% of workplace foot injuries are preventable? And this is no small issue for labour businesses when the average cost of a lost-work-day foot injury is $9,600. Why do these huge losses continue to be sustained? Usually it is because bosses don't know if their worker's footwear is protective or high quality, even though it looks generic.

The best assurance is to provide high quality work boots that are tailor-made for all your workers, and keep some as spares. These bulk work boots are affordable and yet extremely protective - against falling objects, sharp edges, compensation payouts and days off due to injury.

  • Hardy yet comfortable build
  • Custom sizing and tailor-made fit
  • Orthodics crafted by podiatrists
  • The definition of durable. Built to last.
  • Made with care. Quality = Safety
  • Affordable and very high value

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Why Do We Care About Your Feet? Well, We Are Podiatrists

Walk This Way Podiatry is the name of our clinic in Ashfield, Sydney, and foot-injury prevention and management is our speciality. We are experts in everything from orthodics to sporting injuries, and yes, we have dedicated our lives to studying the foot. Foot health and safety is the driving goal of our lives, and additionally, we have the vast knowledge to know what makes a safe and ergonomic work boot. This is what we are providing and whole-heartedly recommending as part of our job.

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The Most Common Foot Hazards (That You Should Be Aware Of)

Throughout the jobs your company performs over the years, various conditions can assail the feet, and these are the most common.

Heavy Objects

Heavy objects dropped or falling on the feet is a danger that is top-of-mind in most trades, because the feet are an easy target. Broken bones, crushed bones and lacerations can result. A strong boot can take a large amount of the impact, hence protecting the feet from serious injury.

Chemical Exposure

Whether coming into contact with common building materials or hazardous chemicals, your feet could be at risk of chemical exposure. This could range from skin irritation to chemical burns. Our safety boots are designed to seal your feet from exposure to most chemicals.

Electrical Shock

A live wire on the ground, or electrified puddle can conduct through unprotected footwear and deliver a life-threatening electric shock. Thankfully, well-made boots like ours will insulate the wearer and their feet against most common voltages.

Prolonged Wetness

Wet feet can be more than uncomfortable, they can provide the perfect environment for a fungal infection to develop. We know that dampness is not a healthy state for feet to be in for any amount of time, so we have designed these boots to keep your feet dry.

Extreme Cold

The feet and toes can be prone to damage on cold Winter mornings and nights in Australia. However the right amount of insulation will keep anyone's feet comfortable in the colder months. Our boots are designed to maintain stable internal temperatures across even harsh temperature conditions.

Slipping and Tripping

If the soles are worn-down or lacking in traction, serious unexpected injuries could be a step away. This aspect of a safe work boot is easy to overlook, but our high traction, anti-slip shoes are a huge improvement in safety.

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The Boots That You Will Thank

These are high-quality boots that are completely designed to improve the safety of your workplace, and also be very comfortable. You and your workers can depend on them each day for protecting your vulnerable feet from hazards. And, you can thank them at the end of each year in which they have saved your company from productivity-loss and even from worker's compensation.

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